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Written on 30/11/2011, 05:41 by admin
October , 2012 –BGL adds a Virtual PMO to their suite of services offered clients An exclusive offering, the Virtual PMO allows clients to hire...

Why should I use BGL contract services instead of hiring new employees?

  • Flexibility - it is essential for maintaining a competitive advantage in today's business environment. Contracting IT Services will help you maintain flexibility by establishing staffing needs based on your company's immediate and long-term objectives. This enables you to determine the combination of permanent and contract employees that best meets your needs.
  • Specialized Skill-sets - IT skills are not interchangeable commodities. For example, a client server programmer cannot substitute for a systems analyst without considerable training and experience. The problem is compounded if your company uses multiple technology platforms. If you require a specialized skill set for a short duration, it is more cost-effective to work with contract resources than to establish a permanent position.